What “Writing Repair” Can Do For You

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The following excerpts from the introductory post on this blog explain the benefits of writing repair (turning bad writing into good writing) and describe the services I provide.

I am offering a new and different way of dealing with the problem of bad writing. Most companies have never considered using an outside party as a continuing resource for employees who need help with writing. But I believe it is the best way to get immediate and significant improvement. I provide a cost-effective solution that can eliminate the problem from the very first day.

My years of experience have taught me that every company has some employees who need a “writing repair service.” When companies acknowledge the problem, and decide to do something about it, I can save them lots of time, trouble, and money.

Here’s what I do:

  • I correct obvious mistakes;
  • I identify and clarify passages that could be misunderstood;
  • I organize the information so that it flows logically from one idea to the next; and
  • I make the entire piece effective enough to achieve the desired result.

I can work from completed drafts; I can help during the formulation process; or, if someone has an idea but just doesn’t know how to get it down on paper, I can do the writing from scratch.

I’m not a teacher. I don’t do training sessions, seminars, or writing workshops. I think the impact of these is very limited. My personal opinion is that past a certain point, it’s just too late. My goal is not to turn people into good writers; my goal is to make their writing good.

I work directly with individual employees, perfecting their actual business correspondence and documents. People are usually aware of their own limitations, and welcome my support.


Many executives acknowledge that the problem exists, but believe they already have an adequate way of dealing with it. Perhaps employees who are better writers are asked to assist those who need help. Perhaps supervisors make corrections before written work goes out. But these measures are hit or miss.

My way is better – here’s why. If I am available as a resource:

  • The problem is handled on a consistent, company-wide basis.
  • Employees who are good writers can focus on their own work.
  • Supervisors and managers can address their attention to the strategy or completeness of a piece, and not on the writing itself.
  • Pieces that have solid thinking behind them can be ready to go on the first shot, reducing the need for rewrites.
  • Employees are much more likely to ask for input because they know that the company has provided a dedicated consultant to support their writing. This is especially important for those who aren’t expected to check their work with higher management.


Because of my help:

  • Distracting grammatical errors are eliminated, allowing the reader to focus on the intended message.
  • Employees no longer send out poorly written letters that challenge the reader to figure out what is being said.
  • The company image is no longer undermined by correspondence that is in direct conflict with the promise to provide the highest quality products and services.
  • Poor expression of ideas, capable of causing damaging misunderstandings, is identified and corrected before it can cause conflicts – or worse, lawsuits.
  • Writing takes fewer hours out of the workday, because it is no longer a struggle.
  • Employees become more confident about their ability to do a good job, because they are supported in their efforts to communicate their best ideas to full advantage.


If you would like information about obtaining my services for your company, you can contact me at rose@jlrco.com. Please be sure to use the phrase “Writing Repair” in the subject line.

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  1. Thanks, very helpful

  2. Hi!
    Visited today. Found things really great. I guess, your approach is, i mean, is fantastic. Keep it up, man!

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  4. I am working in saudi arabia as sales support executive. I alwasy have lots of problems for writing letters and email.

    Would you kindly send me some letters sample to improve my business letter writing.

    Thanking you for your co operation.

    Best regards,

  5. Dear Mohammed,
    I don’t have any samples of business letters to send you, but if you Google “business letters, samples” you’ll find many sites that do. -Judy

    • Dear Madam,

      I am working with Lutheran World Federation Cambodia (LWF).
      My position is Trainer for Staff of LWF, but my English very poor including: writing, speaking and listening. Please advice me how I can improving my English.Especially, when I speaking I am very difficult because I am very poor to listen and when I communicate with other by e-mail also very poor.

      Thank you very much and I am waiting to hear from you.

      Chettra Ouk,
      Trainer for Staff of LWF

  6. Hi !

    I am totally agreed with your views and thought. I think
    if we will embibe them in our day to day life, can easily improve.


  7. Be ever so gentle while flossing. You really need only to scrape the enamel. Don’t go so deep, as to make your gums bleed…only allow someone you trust to do that, and ‘that specialist’ is called an assistant to the ‘Doctor,’ called a ‘Dentist.’

    Hi Jean!

    Rewrite that!!!

    And, by the way, gargle and rinse. Use salt water if you happen not to have ‘mouthwash.’ A little hydrochloric peroxide is nice and cheap, once in a while might be good to use a little, sparingly of course.

    Be good, be careful and if at first you don’t believe look in the mirror.

    Take special notice of your gums. If they seem swollen for any reason please go see a ‘specialist’ and never mind that ‘dentist.’

    Do a little research, and be careful what you chew.


    rewrite not necessary

  8. It is very important to learn the ‘right’ and ‘proper’ way of doing things.

  9. Hi!
    CAn I gide me to improve My Wtiting English

  10. can u guide me to emprove my english writting

  11. can u guide me to emprove my english writting

  12. Hi!
    CAn I get gide from you to improve My Wtiting English

  13. hi how are you, could i ask you a help about the correct use of ON and IN? somebody someday told me about my mistakes on these two words same if somebody greeting me can i tell “i am fine what about u?” or ” i am fine how about u? pls could you guide me thanks u so much

  14. HI

    How are you?I am sushma.I am a professional.I am poor in english.Can you please help me in writting english good.

    Thanks in advance

  15. sir,
    I am working in medicine company as a computer operator.
    I want some latter. could you give me.


  16. Please Revise this discussion.

    Hi class,
    I don’t have a lot of time to explain but off the top of my head answer is as a reader critical thinking affects me all ways. Not just reading but writing too. Sometimes what I read I must write about later like this discussion so clearly I have to read. Clear writing is the hardest thing in the world.

    though I don’t the average writer has to write business rapports which can build report and be interpersonal. In critical writing, writers construct sentences with clear intentions.

    Businesspeople write fast because the business people I know are always in a hurry.

    Business reading is reports, memos and articles. My aunt is a university professor and she writes articles for journals. She is smart and a better writer than my uncle who is a businessman. So critical writers are better than business writers. But critical writing like argumentative essays have structure, so business writing has structure too. It’s not a matter of one kind of writing being harder than the other it’s that the structure is harder.


  17. seaching for english writing learning site.

  18. Hi Dear

    My name is Ahmed Am working in government company and am studing Business Mangment in same time. I have proplem to pass The toffel test or ILETS because i have lot if speleing mistake and I dont know how to avoid it.

    I need your help


  19. Hello,

    I currently work for fortune 500 company. My writing skills are horrible. It has come to the point I am afraid to send out email to my co-workers and clients. It is hard for me to gather my thoughts and execute them.

    Please help me.


  20. Hello,

    Currently i am working with Digital computer solution .at the post of an accountant.and I am very poor in English , when i am writing & speaking. i am feeling too much hesitation. so please help me to learn English ( Reading, writing & speaking). specially i want to correct my spelling.

    i need your Help

    Thank You

    • Hello Kuldeep,

      Here are a few things that may help you.

      I highly recommend the book “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White. If you go to this site: http://www.bartleby.com/141/ you will find the entire book online. It is a great guide for writing clear, correct English.

      Use a good dictionary and Thesaurus. There are several good ones online. I use: dictionary.reference.com. You should also use the dictionary to check your spelling.

      If you aren’t confident about grammar, try this site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_Grammar. This site covers topics like word order, gender, use of articles, tense, voice, and more.

      Speaking is a good way to learn and improve your fluency in any language. If you can, practice speaking English with your friends. If you don’t have people to practice with, you may still get some benefit from listening to English. One way to do that is to watch movies and television programs. You’ll find many programs at http://www.hulu.com. The English isn’t always perfect, but hearing it spoken may make you more comfortable and familiar with the language.

      I hope these are helpful ideas.



  21. hi dear ,

    i am from convent school but due to not speaking in english daily i have forgotten spellings , i am not confident about writing emails ,as i am working in corporate office i feel bad about this and i am not even able to speak properly .can you please help

    • Hello Priya,

      The best tool for checking your spelling is a good online dictionary. I use this one: http://www.dictionary.reference.com. If you don’t remember how to spell a word and type it incorrectly into the search box, the dictionary will ask, “Did you mean …?” It will guess at the word you’re trying to find. Most of the time, it will be a good guess, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

      Look at the comment just before yours. I gave Kuldeep a few other references that should help with writing and speaking English.

      I hope this is useful to you.


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