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For a few years, I’ve used this blog as my website. It serves as a good sample of my writing style and gives me a place to express my philosophy about writing. And this is where I offer tips to fellow writers and receive your comments. But the blog doesn’t contain enough detail about my professional services, and for that, I need a “real” website.

So now I have one!

Take a look at the official Judy Rose Custom Writing & Writing Repair Services website.

I hope you like what you read there.

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  1. Like the design of your sebsite, nice layout….

    Wow, blogstats impressive….


    • It’s obvious, you know!!!
      So better not to comment about the designs and layout of this website.

  2. Your blog is incredible i like it so much and i really appreciate ur efforts

    • sir my spelling so much mistake how we can improve

      • I also like to improve my English, but i am not mad at English.
        So i advice you, not to be so interested in English.

  3. Hi, just happened along your blog today. Great stuff, I’d like my homeschooled high schooler to read what I’ve seen so far. I was wondering, how do you access your older posts besides the “older entries” link? It’d be great to have some categories on here. I see that you have had a lot of visitors, so you must have many other things besides what is found in the nav bar under recent posts? 🙂

    • The easiest way to access old posts is simply to scroll down. You’ll come to a point where you have to click on “older entries” but that only happens once before you get to the very beginning. There are 17 posts in all. There are also 5 pages (shown in the right hand column).

      It’s gratifying to me that you think my articles are of value for your high schooler. Thank you for letting me know.


  4. iam somali man who islive in moqdisho every time and every day my life is bad becaouse we dont have any peace so that i like to be the future dr.

  5. Darlin,

    I’ve been savoring your annecdotes about your love of baseball and the Brooklyn Dodgers. I cannot begin to tell you how inflamed I and most of my motley group of friends were at the news, that the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers were being moved to the west coast. Sacriledge, outrage, surely this was prosecutable treason, we thought. Such were the thoughts of raggamuffins who grew up listening to baseball on the radio.

    Laying on the garage roof at night in the summer, as we gazed at the clusters of stars amid fabulous arrays of galaxies, so easier to see in those nights without all the blaze of lights now. The radio played out the drama of the baseball games, in the darkness of the garage. No light was necessary for us to hear the colorfull descriptions of the struggling teams by the announcers. Such were our summer nights.

    As the fragrant aroma of the jasmine on the trelis by the garage, enveloped us in the humid summer night air and tantalized some of us with visions of young girls in our dawning awarenss of these strange new feelings towards goofy girls. Suddenly, they were not nearly so goofy any longer, for some odd reason. Such were the effect of the new dawnings of a multitude of countless questions blossoming like spring flowers in such profusion and an overwhelming variety of colors, as if to signify all the mysteries.

  6. Hi Judy,

    I ran across your blog today and found it very enlightening. What a great story about how you began doing what you do.

    I am constantly in search of inspirational articles and information for my blog and also to encourage my online students.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom about how to improve writing skills.

    Your website also looks very nice. Why not add a link to your blog on your website too?

    I will be following your posts 🙂


  7. i’m interested to learn writing english,please provide me your advice.
    thank you for concideration

    • If you read a lot of books, you can surely improve your English level.

  8. it is very good
    i like it

    • How good it is? Can you express?

  9. Dear advisor
    Thank you for your blog it is really useful but my English is very bad. I can’t speak influence and also my read and write. I hope to be good speaker English and writing. could you give me some information about delevopment my English. I from Somalia but I live great country and beautuf Canada I have still learnt English well. I am interesting in finding out That.
    I am looking forward to having.

  10. thank alot

    • It should be ” thanks a lot “. I hope you understood your mistake.

  11. i am moustafa farhat from lebanon
    i really grateful and appreciate your efforts

  12. Great website 🙂

    I am a 8th grade teacher in NC and came across your site while researching some information about writing techniques for my English class this year. I just wanted to thank you for the great information and articles about writing, and let you know about a site we are putting together to help teachers find trusted resources.

    We would love it if you could write a few articles for us, but understand that you are probably busy. I have included a link to the site below in hopes that if you can’t write some resources for us that you can at least link to it, tweet it, or add it to your Facebook profile to help us spread trusted resources throughout the educational community.

    Thanks and keep the great resources coming 🙂

    Bre Matthews

  13. Your blog is really cool…i just like it!!!
    It helped me a lot in different ways.

  14. Manpreet singh my new web site open

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